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Devotional Humor and Inspiring Stories; Devotional Humor and Inspiring Stories Archives; ... Devotional Humor and Inspiring Stories Archives. By Robby Dilmore / July 1, 2015 . For July 1, 2015 other Archives and Funny Pictures below ... For many years I have done a devotional at an assisted living facility in Mocksville. When I first started a ...


Worthy Daily Devotional » Humor Good things come to those who WAIT! February 21, 2019 January 18, 2019. A mother was preparing pancakes for her sons, Kevin, age five and Ryan, three. The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake. Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson so she said; "Now boys, if Jesus were sitting ...


What Are Some Humorous Devotions? Humorous devotions include "It's Never as Bad as it Seems!", "Life Explained by God" and "Haven't You Forgotten Something?" ... humorous devotions for women's groups christian teacher devotions humorous humorous devotions for senior citizens funny devotions that has meaning Online Christian Devotions


Here is one of the devotionals in the book. If you like it, I know you will enjoy the other 89 Lighthearted Devotions to Brighten Your Day. Lighten Up and Live: 90 Light-hearted Devotions to Brighten Your Day. Worrying about the what ifs. When I was a boy, we had pre-air-conditioning features on our car called “wings.”


Filed under Daily Devotions, Humorous. ... Both groups include kids with busy appendages and busy moms. As the current club leader, I write the monthly agendas, which include the roll call portion of the meeting. At each meeting, a truly thought-provoking question is posed to the young people. Their responses to the question verify their ...


Devotions for your Meeting or Small Group "The essence of all the Prophets of God is One and the same." God is One light, but many lamps. The purpose of religion is to establish unity and concord amongst the people of the world; make it not the cause of dissension and strife. Place God above nation and do not fight at all.


It's Just Too Much Fun! By Gail Casteen. How would I know it could be so much fun? It seemed more like an obligation… a necessary action… a must-do kind of thing. After all, the Bible says I HAVE to give. Of course I don't HAVE to give, but if I want God's favor and blessing, I have to give... or so I thought.


This is a section of Heavens Inspirations where you can read some Christian Devotions to inspire and encourage you in your walk with God as well as Women's Devotionals on many different topics. I will be adding more Women's Devotionals as I write them.




Perfect for your meeting or small group or to give you inspiration. ... Short Devotions Daily Walk Daily Devotional Small Groups Religion Prayers Christ Spiritual Spirituality. Ten short devotions to help you in your Christian Walk. Perfect for your meeting or small group or to give you inspiration. ... Funny, poignant, and meaningful ...