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Weather conditions will alter hummingbird migration by affecting the time when flowers will bloom and the supply of nectar is available. In this event, it is very important to have feeders ready for them. Following our Spring 2019 migration map will give warning of their arrival and when to hang our feeders.


2019 Hummingbird Spring Migration Interactive Map Updated 4/17/2019 . Zoom / pan map for more detail, and click on icons for sighting info Click on this icon below to see a list of sightings for this year and previous years


Map of spring migration and sightings of hummingbirds in the USA & Canada as reported by viewers of https://www.HummingbirdCentral.com


Weekly Migration News: February 22 - May 16, 2019. Join us as we track hummingbirds as they travel to their wintering grounds. Citizen scientists across North America are observing seasonal changes and reporting hummingbird sightings.


Hummingbird Migration is the flight to and from their Winter homes in Mexico and Central America.See our state by state hummingbird migration map/table listing the average arrival dates.Some interesting observations how climate change is affecting the Hummingbird Migration!


2019 Hummingbird Migration Map. This map is updated as hummingbirds are sighted during the spring migration in the United States and Canada. Click on the map (+) to zoom in on your area. Check back regularly to see how they are advancing over the coming weeks.


Hummingbird Migration Spring 2019. Our Migration Map has up to the minute LIVE hummingbird sightings posted by our followers. Post your sightings to our hummingbird migration map for the Spring 2019.


Mar 19, 2019- Hummingbird migration maps show the dates that hummingbirds migrate state by state. The migration maps are interactive allowing hummingbird enthusiasts to post their sightings as hummingbirds visit their areas. | See more ideas about Hummingbird migration, Birds and How to attract hummingbirds.


Hummingbird Spring Migration Map and Sighting Reports for 2019. The spring migration can be hard on the hummingbird population as they move north from their winter homes in southern Mexico and Central America. Stops along the way may be for a few minutes, or a few days at more favorable locations with abundant food supplies.


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