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As of 2015 there is no conclusive evidence that life on Mars exists or has ever existed, but scientists are hesitant to give a definitive answer without conclusive data. Most experts agree that it is theoretically possible that Mars could have life, but without evidence...


Humans should go to Mars to slowly work towards building a civilization there, according to Digital Trends. Overpopulation and limited resources on Earth makes Mars a potentially suitable place to colonize. Scientist Stephen Hawking claims that humans need to colonize p...


Scientists have not yet proven that Mars can currently support life as we know it on Earth. Based on data from the NASA Exploration Rover, Mars may have been able to support life approximately 4 billion years ago.


To survive on Mars, humans need the same things they need on Earth: water, a breathable atmosphere, and food. Mars is a hostile planet, and is currently unable to support human life.


Humans have never been to Mars. Humans have set foot on the moon, orbited the earth and lived aboard space stations for extended periods, but have not yet visited any other planets.


According to NASA, 7 billion years ago, Mars may have been an excellent place for microbes to live, but currently it cannot support life because the air is too thin and is comprised mainly of carbon dioxide. After drilling into the rocks on Mars, scientists discovered t...


Mars is made of basalt, feldspar, pyroxenes, olivine and other materials that form rocks. The abundance of iron oxide, or rust, in the soil gives it its reddish color. The alkaline soil contains substances such as magnesium, potassium, oxygen, salts and chlorine.