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In business, leadership is the ability of the organization's manager to make good decisions and encourage other organizational members to perform their duties properly. The characteristics of a good leader include self-confidence, ability to control people, dynamism and good communication skills. If


Opinions about good leadership qualities vary; however, honesty, good communication, confidence and the ability to inspire are some qualities commonly attributed to good leadership. Additional qualities include creativity, a positive attitude and commitment.


Some schools that are considered good options for graduate human resource programs include New York University, Rutgers University, Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania State University and George Washington University, according to Study.com. Good schools for undergraduate human resource degree


The employment eligibility verification Form I-9, the W-4 and the W-2 are common examples of human resources forms. Depending upon the company, its human resources department may also have name change forms, special state employee withholding forms and a direct deposit form


Dose of Leadership lists the John Maxwell Leadership Assessment as one of the top leadership tests. As of 2015, the test measures 64 leadership attributes. Alternatively, free leadership tests are offered by MindTools and Your Leadership Legacy.


There are several established tests to help you evaluate an employee's leadership skills. Asking the employee to assess his own leadership qualities is also helpful, as is looking at whether the employee's personal life is congruent with the image he presents at work.


Examples of effective leadership skills include honesty, the ability to delegate, a sense of humor, the ability to communicate clearly and confidence. A leader should also be able to keep his team motivated and have a sense of creativity to handle unexpected problems and take advantage of opportunit


Good leadership skills include delegation, communication, a sense of humor and confidence. These skills allow leaders to motivate others around them and keep the group focused.


Skills and traits that tend to be associated with good leadership include the ability to effectively delegate work to and communicate with employees. This means that a leader must not try to control every aspect of an organization and must also be able to describe wants and needs in a way that is bo


Human resources planning is a systematic approach to HR in which a company recruits and selects enough quality workers to meet future production and performance needs. In addition to hiring practices, an effective HR plan outlines training and development needs to help workers meet job, department a