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Examples of effective leadership skills include honesty, the ability to delegate, a sense of humor, the ability to communicate clearly and confidence. A leader should also be able to keep his team motivated and have a sense of creativity to handle unexpected problems and take advantage of opportunit


Good leadership skills include delegation, communication, a sense of humor and confidence. These skills allow leaders to motivate others around them and keep the group focused.


Skills and traits that tend to be associated with good leadership include the ability to effectively delegate work to and communicate with employees. This means that a leader must not try to control every aspect of an organization and must also be able to describe wants and needs in a way that is bo


According to reference.com, leadership is defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organization, while management is defined as the process of dealing with or controlling a group of people or things. A leader is a selected head that leads people based on the desires of the people, wh


Important basic management skills include leadership skills, communication skills and planning skills. Having decision making and problem solving skills is also essential for effective management.


Taking an online leadership skills test requires selecting a simple test such as the one at Forbes.com, and allocating points based on desirable leadership traits. Common leadership traits featured on a test of this nature include character, vision, strategy and decision making. Points are also avai


Proactivity, flexibility, respect and solid communication are four traits associated with solid leadership skills. People demonstrating these characteristics show both the confidence and the presence of mind to lead others effectively.


Under the "Individuals" tab on the American Management Association's website, there is a link entitled "Online Training" that opens a page with links to nine different online training courses for leadership skills. These courses vary from live online seminars to individual lesson-based courses.


Creating to-do lists, setting deadlines, eliminating distractions, taking breaks and delegating are some of the most frequently recommended ways to improve time management skills. Learning how to say "no," focusing on one task at a time, rewarding yourself and avoiding procrastination are also vital


Effective leadership is important because it creates confidence among the participants in an organization and encourages a professional and positive environment. In an enterprise setting, leadership acts as the catalyst that makes all other business aspects work in tandem. In the absence of proper l