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Several components are necessary for a person to be a good leader, such as honesty, delegation ability and the ability to communicate with a team of people. Being a good leader requires a person to maintain stability within various situations while keeping the group wor...


Women in leadership roles exhibit many personality traits, including strong-willed, assertive, aggressive and purpose-driven. Furthermore, they are persuasive, resilient and capable of handling high levels of stress.


Effective leadership is important because it creates confidence among the participants in an organization and encourages a professional and positive environment. In an enterprise setting, leadership acts as the catalyst that makes all other business aspects work in tand...


Educational leadership is the process of engaging teachers to become involved in the advancement of academic settings in all educational levels. School leaders facilitate the creation and implementation of constructive policies to improve the learning process.


There are several established tests to help you evaluate an employee's leadership skills. Asking the employee to assess his own leadership qualities is also helpful, as is looking at whether the employee's personal life is congruent with the image he presents at work.


Leadership style is a leader's ability to direct, manage, motivate and guide groups of people. In regard to employees, there are implicit and explicit methods that determine the leader's specific style. Research has proven there are multiple effective leadership styles ...


Leadership development is important because it trains leaders to better engage with employees, gain knowledge of customer needs and wants, and strive to set an example for others. Leaders who seek to improve their own performance often motivate employees to do the same.