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Trends in hairstyles can vary dramatically based on season and time. For Spring 2015, Harper's Bazaar states that long hair is back in style, whether worn in loose boho waves or slicked into long ponytails. Other looks include long braids and twists, big buns, and lightly gelled hair.


There are numerous mobile phone applications and websites that allow users to upload photos of themselves to see how they would look with other hairstyles. Many of these programs offer special features such as the ability to transpose celebrities' signature hairstyles onto the user's photo.


The pixie and the bob are the most popular short and easy hairstyles. The cutest and easiest short hairstyles incorporate texture, which can come from the hair's natural texture or through a particular cutting technique.


Some short hairstyles for women include the Emma and the Alice, variations of the bob and pixie cuts. A bob cut is meant to outline the wearer's jaw line, while a pixie cut is a much shorter version with layers of bangs to focus the attention on the face.


Boys' hairstyles include a short layer cut and a wavy pompadour, while girls' hairstyles include a braided side part and long layers with a side part. Another option for a long layered style is tying the hair back.


A person can change their hair style by cutting their hair, adding extensions, changing its color, holding it using pins or clips, curling it and using a texture spray. Depending on the type of hair in question, these tips can be great for anyone wishing to break the monotony of their look.


There are several websites that allow people to upload a photo of yourself and "try on" different hairstyles and hair colors. These sites are called virtual makeover sites and are often free of charge.


Some examples of Indian hairstyles include buns, plaits, braids, loose waves, curls, up-dos and half-up half-down styles. Each can be customized to fit the wearer's tastes and outfits.


Hairstyles that are good for a wedding include various braid styles, a chignon, a French twist, a top knot and loose waves. Appropriate wedding hairstyles depend on dress style, face shape and hair texture.


The back of a bob may be the same length as it is at the sides, or it may be cut sharply upwards towards the top of the head; this is known as an inverted bob. A bob leaves the back of the neck exposed and visible from the back.