Money was invented to address the shortcomings of the barter system. Prior to money, people had to exchange objects and services to carry out transactions. However, determining fairness and establishing agreement with an... More »

The first minted coins were produced on the order of King Alyattes of Lydia, a kingdom located in and around modern-day Turkey. Around the same time, a relatively sophisticated system of currency also evolved in China. More »

Paper money was used first by the Chinese during the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618 to 907). According to Time, the first forms of paper money were privately issued bills of credit or exchange. This practice continued for about ... More »

Canadian Forex is an online service company that provides financial services such as international money transfers in over 50 currencies. Canadian Forex is owned by OzForex, which is an Australian online foreign exchange... More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions

The formula for monetary base is MB (monetary base) equals current bank reserves added to liquid currency, or MB = R + C. Liquid currency is the amount of money at hand, and bank reserves are money in the banks. More »

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Canadian paper currency was first printed in 1935 after the establishment of the Bank of Canada in 1934, but the Dominion of Canada had been using paper money printed by the British from 1858 on. From the Canadian confed... More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions