Igloos keep residents warm through a variety of different construction elements, including the combined use of compact snow in the main blocks and ice along the interior walls. Additionally, the manner in which the inter... More »

The Inuit people, commonly known as Eskimos, lived in houses made of snow and ice, called igloos. Eskimos in contemporary times live mostly in houses, but igloos are still used during camping trips. More »

The interior of an igloo is a dome-shaped space with ice and snow-packed walls. While the size of an igloo can vary considerably from a small hunting or fishing shelter to a larger gathering place, the interior walls are... More »

A thermos reduces the transfer of heat from its contents to its surroundings through the use of a vacuum, which surrounds the inner chamber. The same principle applies when a thermos is used for cold foods or beverages. More »

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An air conditioner cover is used to protect the unit from different elements such as snow and ice during the off season. Covering the air conditioner stops debris from becoming lodged inside. The cover keeps the coils cl... More »

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To make an ice sculpture, you need one or more blocks of ice, and some sculpting tools - a wide variety of tools can be used including chisels, saws, molds, lathes, computer numerical control machines, and chainsaws. You... More »

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Thermos flasks are designed to hinder heat transfer between the liquid placed within them and the surrounding environment. The insides and outsides of flasks are often silvered to impede heat transfer through radiation. ... More »