Roman, Italic, Gothic and illuminated letters are four prominent Western types of calligraphy. The choice of calligraphy alphabet depends on personal preference and individual needs for specific projects. More » Education Writing

There are multiple styles of alphabets classified as calligraphy, so you should start with the most basic style to get a solid skill foundation. Then, work your way up to whichever style is your favorite, or be creative ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

Place cards should contain the names of guests to be seated at a formal event, such as a wedding. It is appropriate to list couples on one card, but the individual members of a couple can also receive separate place card... More »

Children learn to print the letters of the alphabet by tracing letters and practicing the formation in a variety of ways. A child needs the strength and control in his hand to form the shapes of the letters. More » Education Writing has a basic cuneiform alphabet available for rudimentary translation purposes. offers a more intensive listing of cuneiform glyphs and background information in both text and video forma... More » Education Writing

Fonts with fancy letters of the alphabet are available at and Both websites offer fonts that users upload. As such, each font has its own licensing terms. Users are not required to register ... More » Education Writing

The Roman numeral equivalent of 96 is XCVI. The Roman numeral system utilizes letters rather than numerals to represent numbers. The letters used to form any number up through 100 are the following: I equals one, V equal... More » Education Writing