To write an effective complaint letter, describe the problem clearly, include key dates, and specify the time frame for getting a response. Include your name, address, and contact email or phone. Be friendly but authorit... More » Education Writing

To write a formal complaint letter, provide as many specifics as possible regarding the time and date of the incident, summarize the incident or experience, define expectations in terms of a response from the recipient a... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

A complaint letter must be concise, authoritative, factual, constructive and friendly to be effective. A complaint letter is an attempt to receive compensation or enact some sort of change based on a negative experience ... More »

There is not a specific time frame for a bereavement letter, but it is recommended that the bereavement letter be both personal and genuine when it is sent, according to The Emily Post Institute. There is also not a set ... More » Education Writing

Responding to a complaint letter in a concise, empathetic manner is an important business practice that could preserve the integrity of the company. Avoid being defensive or making excuses. More »

To write a customer complaint letter, first research the name of the person in the company who handles complaints, and address the letter specifically to that person, including his job title. In the body of the letter, i... More » Education Writing

Consumers can find complaint letter templates at the official USA and Georgia websites. A complaint letter describes a problem a consumers has experienced with a product or service, then asks for a specific remedy. More » Education Writing