Writing a good presentation speech involves breaking the task into several steps. The first step is to create an outline of major points. These points should reflect what the audience wants to know. Key points can be rea... More »

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According to recommendations by Forbes.com, there are 10 important keys to writing an effective leadership speech. These keys are underpinned by the two main objectives behind every speech: to make a good impression and ... More »

In order to write a speech on soccer, research the angle or topic and organize the speech into a beginning, middle and end. A speech on soccer might be educational, such as teaching the audience about the sport, or it mi... More »

A direct quote occurs when identical words and phrases are taken from someone's written work or spoken speech and incorporated into another person's writing or verbal presentation. A direct quote can be an effective way ... More »

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Brainstorming is a helpful pre-writing exercise whether one is writing a paper for English class or a business paper for presentation. Brainstorming involves spontaneous generation of ideas about a particular topic for t... More »

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An introduction to a project, paper or verbal presentation engages an audience and provides a concise preview that includes the background of the project, clarifies the points examined and explains the conclusions. An in... More »

The iceberg theory is a writing style characterized by a very minimized presentation of details within a story, which forces readers to read carefully in order to understand a much bigger picture than that presented. Ame... More »