To write a money order, fill in the blanks with the appropriate information, and keep the receipt portion until you know the transaction is completed. The process is similar to writing a check. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Not all money orders require a signature, but if they do, then there will be a line on the front that is labeled something similar to "Purchaser's Signature." All money orders require a printed name, but if there is no l... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Use a black gel pen to fill in the details of the purchaser, payee and address as soon as you purchase the money order, recommends MoneyGram. These steps will deter anyone from misusing the money order. More »

After sending a Western Union money order, you can track the status of your order online by using the Western Union MTCN tracking number, which is a unique number assigned to each money transfer. Access the Track feature... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

People who believe that a Western Union money order they sent has been lost or stolen can trace the money order by filling out a completed money order customer request form and sending it to Western Union via fax, email ... More »

People often choose to bank online to gain access to features such as online bill-pay, remote check deposits, easy money transfers and readily available transaction information. Online banking saves time and provides inc... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Amalgamated Bank offers online banking that allows customers to securely view accounts and transaction information, make payments and move money. An account holder's personal, virtual financial center displays all releva... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking