To write a critical analysis, read the material you are analyzing with a critical eye. Identify factors such as the material's theme or purpose and how well the purpose was accomplished. Next, write an outline, and for t... More » Education Writing

To write a critical analysis of a speech, obtain a copy of the speech, research the issues addressed in the speech and gain biographical and other background information about the speaker. Write a summary of your conclus... More »

An analysis paper prompts the reader to analyze a topic, visual, or concept and make an argument that derives from personal opinion. The analysis paper should include a thesis statement that defines the claim, evidence t... More » Education Writing Academic Essays

To write a job position justification, first decide the title of the new job position and then create a job description and a cost analysis. A job position justification, also known as a job proposal, is generally writte... More »

Write an analysis paragraph by creating a topic sentence, providing evidence of the argument, proving the claim by discussing evidence, and ending with a profound final sentence. Analysis paragraphs should logically prov... More » Education Writing

A review of related literature is a critical analysis of earlier scholarly work on a chosen topic. The aim of a review of related literature is to relate the body of existing scholarship to one's particular work. More »

A reflection journal is the product of a writing technique often used as an educational and leadership development strategy to promote deep levels of critical thinking and analysis. This journal writing technique require... More » Education Writing