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Have you ever fancied the idea of working for that most clever-sounding of institutions, the ‘think tank’? This post shines a light on what think tanks are, and the various routes of entry into the think tank sector. Think tanks publish and influence public opinion and public policy debate ...


Summary. Working in a think tank for a few years early in your career is a plausible way to influence government policy for the better, and in the meantime gain skills and contacts to advance your future career in politics or elsewhere, while doing work that’s often fulfilling.


Although the exact definition of a think tank varies from one source to another, at base think tanks are organizations dedicated to policy analysis. Most focus on national policy issues, strategies and objectives, but some also work on state issues. Think tanks might employ lawyers, ethicists, scholars, political ...


I have recently joined a think tank, one of the prominent one in India, not to mention that it was my dream organization and I did not expect at all to get here straight after college. My experience comes directly from my organization and I am working in a Think Tank for the first time. So coming to your question, how is it to work at a think tank?


Think tanks reign as the place where scholars, policy makers, government officials, politicians and other folks work to find solutions to public problems. If you envision a group of people sitting in a huge fish bowl, hands on their chins, contemplating the fate of humanity, you wouldn't be too far off the mark, sans the allusion to Rodin's ...


And if you want to become a think tanker, frequently you have to find your own funding. A lot of think tanks will take on smart people with good academic/political reputations, but often they only provide the overhead i.e. the office where you work and a job title. Often your funding has to be secured independently through a foundation.


Think Tank Leaders. Leading a think tank can be a lucrative occupation, as the "Politico" website points out in a December, 2012 article. Top jobs at think tanks routinely run six or even seven figures. For example, the 2010 salary for the president of the nonprofit Heritage Foundation think tank topped $1.2 million.


I do a lot of work with think tanks (and let me preface the rest of my response by saying I won't be able to help you personally - I work with senior executives primarily), and the thing I think you may be overlooking is the sheer volume of think ...


Setting up a think tank will not be easy and it likely to take some time. A good leader, in this context, is someone who, at the very least: ‘Gets’ think tanks -isn’t just a subject matter expert but is also a good communicator, networker, and manager; or at least has an appreciation for all four.


STUDENT > Postgraduate How to work for a think-tank Think-tanks can influence prime ministers. But in the ideas industry you need to be more than just a bright spark, says Tim Walker