Microscopes work by gathering light and focusing it through a series of lenses to create an enlarged image. Optical microscopes use a light source to illuminate a specimen and utilize condenser and ocular lenses to provi... More »

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A microscope is an instrument that magnifies objects, enabling visibility of 1,000 times or more than what can be seen by the naked human eye. Microscopes of various types assist researchers with medical diagnostics, and... More »

A light microscope uses a focused beam of visible light to magnify objects for observation. It works in a similar way as a refracting telescope but with several minor differences. A telescope uses a large objective lens,... More »

A compound microscope uses a light source and lenses to view cells. The microscope magnifies cells so structures can be viewed, which are not visible to the naked eye. More »

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Cellular respiration, with a series of steps and intracellular functions, is the method used by cells to release energy from chemical bonds of molecules, such as food molecules, that provide energy and sustenance for the... More »

An unstained onion cell is a segment of onion that has not been dyed to make it easier to see beneath a microscope. All living things have cells that can be observed when placing them beneath a microscope. Adding a stain... More »

A fluorescence microscope is similar to a conventional light microscope with some added features to enhance its capabilities. It uses a higher intensity light source, which may be a mercury or xenon lamp, to produce ultr... More »

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