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Some common LG phone codes include 2945*#01*#, *#06#, 2945*#01*#, and ##2342, as of 2015. TwilightWap.com, TechLila.com, and MobileCon.info are examples of websites that offer LG phone codes. Each code has a unique function and works on either all LG phone models or with specific phone models.


To change the settings on your phone, read the manual that accompanied the phone at purchase or find an instruction manual online based on the phone's model. The exact way to change the settings of each LG phone differs depending on the type and features.


Find instructions and tips on how to use different models of LG phones on LG.com and on specialized Android review and information sites, such as AndroidCentral.com. Find LG phone user manuals, which also contain usage instructions, on Manuals Online, Wirefly and Retrevo.


LG Phones come with online support. Phone users can access this support through the LG website by creating an account and providing the phone's model number.


LG cell phone cases are protective cases specifically designed for a LG phones. Generally speaking, these cases are not designed to work with a variety of LG phones; cases are made for specific models of LG phones.


LG's top rated phones include the LG G3, LG G2 and LG Flex 2. The ratings listed on sites like Phone Rated, Phone Arena and SpecOut cover a number of factors, from the tech in the phones to their appearances.


To locate a lost LG phone, call the LG phone with another phone and listen for the ringer, and then follow the sound of the ringer. Check under cushions, in coats or inside of laundry baskets, since objects can muffle the sound of the ringer.


Typically, LG cellphones and others need to be powered on, followed by some entries for personal preferences and information. Cellphones are configured by carriers so that they usually don't require any specific tools to activate, though you may need a SIM card and Internet connection for some phone


Some icons on LG phones include those for missed calls, calendar event notifications, alarms, and new voice mail. All of these have a corresponding icon on the status bar of the phone's screen. A full glossary is available online at the LG website.


PhonePartsUSA.com, RepairUniverse.com, eBay.com and Amazon.com have replacement screens for most LG phone models. Prices vary depending on the retail source and LG phone model. Most of the sites also carry the special tools needed for screen replacement, including tiny screwdrivers, special tri-wing