Use a withdrawal slip to take money from your bank account if you do not have your ATM card with you. The withdrawal slip requires you to enter specific information about your account. Once you deliver a completed slip t... More »

Money Network debit card terms include no enrollment charge to new users and funds are directly deposited to the card from a linked bank account. Card users can use the card without worrying about fees, except when perfo... More »

To check the balance on a Money Network card, visit the official Money Network site and sign in to the account, or call the customer service phone number located on the back of the card. The customer service phone number... More »

A withdrawal slip is a banking form that is used as a request to have money disbursed from a bank account. Checks are another type of banking form that can be used to take money out of an account. More »

ATM withdrawal limits are the maximum amounts an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) can dispense. The limits are set by the bank and can vary based on account status, availability of funds or physical limitations of the mach... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Bank Accounts

Unlike credit cards, ATM cards do not allow customers to make payments on purchases, and they provide less protection against fraud, notes Arvest Bank. Additionally, many banks charge fees for withdrawing money from an u... More »

Capital One explains that anyone under 17 is typically given an ATM card, while those over 17 receive debit cards. The Branch Banking and Trust Company (BB&T) notes that it offers prepaid debit cards to teens who can't y... More »