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The telephone wiring diagram is a wiring schematic that details the anatomy inside of most telephone models. It sometimes comes with photos and instructions that can help users correctly connect the telephone jack.


To begin making a wiring diagram for a car, you first need to understand the different symbols that represent the function, power state, and location of the various components in the automotive electrical system. Some of the basic symbols common to wiring diagrams include switch and resistor. The sy


Electrical-Online.com, Ask-The-Electrician.com and How-To-Wire-It.com have ceiling fan light wiring diagrams on their websites. Each diagram uses four separate wires to connect the ceiling fan light, including a green wire to ground, a white neutral wire, one wire to the fan and one wire to the ligh


Wiring diagrams for specific generators are located in each generator's instruction or service manual, at the manufacturer's website or at sites such as ManualsLib and Manuals Online. Electric Generators Direct offers hard-to-find manuals for older residential, commercial, marine, RV and mobile gene


Camera wiring diagrams and crossover cable diagrams guide the camera installer on how to correctly assemble the camera's regular network cable connectors as well as the crossover connectors. The diagrams give directions on which pin connects to a particular colored wire.


An International wiring diagram depicts the electrical circuits found in International trucks and is useful for building these circuits. International builds heavy trucks meant for commercial use. Some models of International trucks include the International 9900i, the LoneStar, the ProStar and the


An alternator wiring diagram shows how the alternator connects to a vehicle's battery and electrical system. The illustration includes items such as the ignition switch, battery, alternator warning light, field current supply and control voltage input.


From a light fixture wiring diagram, you learn the different elements of your wiring project based on the electrical symbols and where each wire goes. This ensures that you install the light fixture accurately, safely and according to electrical codes.


A truck owner reads a wiring diagram by identifying the connection between the symbols found in the diagram and the actual elements of the trucks electrical system. Truck wiring diagrams typically also include a key that shows which wires connect to the different internal components, such as a stere


A dryer wiring diagram is depiction of the various electric components of a dryer, how they are connected by wiring and their location in the dryer. This type of drawing, also referred to as a wiring schematic, is used in troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing a malfunctioning dryer.