A red wire in an electrical outlet often indicates a second positive live wire. Generally, electrical socket boxes come with three wires, each of them colored differently: a live black wire, a green or copper ground wire... More »

To wire in a new electrical outlet, turn off the electricity, locate and rewire an existing outlet, install a remodeling box and hook up the new outlet. Check all local building codes and obtain all necessary permits bef... More »

To wire an electrical outlet to a wall switch, turn off the power, install the new switch box, run a new cable from the switch to the outlet, disconnect the tab connecting the receptacles on the outlet and connect the wi... More »

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A short circuit in an electrical outlet occurs if the bare metal of a hot wire touches the bare metal of the neutral or the ground wire. While referred to as a short in an outlet, it often occurs in the wires behind the ... More »

The different colors of electrical wires indicate the function of the wire, with black and red indicating the wires carry electric current, white usually indicating neutral charge and green indicating the wire is grounde... More »

To add and wire a 110-volt electrical outlet, turn off the power, cut the hole for the new electrical box, pull out the electrical cable and attach the wires to the outlet. Consult an electrician to wire the new outlet t... More »

A dedicated electrical outlet is an outlet that supplies power to one device or appliance. Supplying dedicated outlets for items that consume more energy than standard appliances prevents overloaded circuits and power in... More »