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How to Wire a Potentiometer. Potentiometers, more commonly known simply as "pots," are a type of electrical component called a variable resistor. They usually function in conjunction with a knob; the user turns the knob, and this...


The potentiometer is a handy little component that you really should know how to use. It’s used in circuits a lot, such as to control the volume of music equipment, control the brightness of a light, and much more.


Wire a Potentiometer As a Variable Resistor: At some point in an electronics project you might find yourself needing a variable resistor. Here's how to make one using a potentiometer. Variable resistors are useful for the following: adjustable gain of an amplifier adjustable cutoff freque...


How to Wire a Potentiometer to a Fan. By: Ronald Bell. Share; Share on Facebook; Wiring a potentiometer to a fan is a simple way to control the speed of the fan. This method, however, only works safely with a direct-current (DC) fan, and not an alternating-current (AC) fan. The speed of DC fans is a function of the DC voltage level being applied.


A quick video on how to wire a potentiometer to vary voltage for your project needs.


How to Use Potentiometers to Adjust Current and Voltage. By: Phil Lamass. Share; ... The following exercise illustrates how to wire a potentiometer to control voltage and current. Adjust Current Step. Connect one end of the limiting resistor to the positive terminal of the power supply.


If the potentiometer is in good working order, this additional wire makes no difference whatsoever. However, if the wiper ever loses contact with the resistive strip inside the potentiometer, this connection ensures the circuit does not completely open: that there will still be a resistive path for current through the motor.


How to Test a Potentiometer. A potentiometer is a type of variable (adjustable) resistor. Potentiometers are widely used to control the output of electrical devices (e.g. volume of a radio or amplifier, speed of a toy or tool, lighting...


A potentiometer, or "pot" for short, is also known as a variable resistor. Variable resistors are used to dynamically change the resistance to control the current in a circuit, and may also be used as a voltage divider.