To wire an outlet for an electric stove, install the gang box appropriately, pull a few inches of the circuit breaker cable through it, and remove the insulation from the three wires within. Connect these wires to the su... More »

When wiring multiple outlets, first consider whether the outlets should be wired in series, in parallel, or with a more complex double receptacle arrangement. Draw a diagram showing the wiring plan of each outlet before ... More »

To wire in a new electrical outlet, turn off the electricity, locate and rewire an existing outlet, install a remodeling box and hook up the new outlet. Check all local building codes and obtain all necessary permits bef... More »

To wire a breaker box, attach the grounding wire to the metal bar with setscrews, remove 1/2 inch of insulation from the wires, insert them into the circuit breaker, and push on the circuit breaker to lock it into place.... More »

With the work of a licensed electrician, a gas stove can be converted to an electric stove. The process requires the installation of a new electrical wire, a two-pole circuit breaker and a 240-volt receptacle. More »

Parts that commonly break on an electric stove can often be replaced by owners. Manufacturers often sell replacement parts, and newer stoves are designed to provide easy access to parts that break most frequently. More » Home & Garden Appliances Ovens & Ranges

To remove the burners from an electric stove, hold the exterior end of the burner coil far from the socket where the electric burner is plugged, and lift the coil slightly above the drip pan. Slowly pull away from the so... More »