To tie a silk scarf, fold the scarf in half triangularly, and drape it around your neck so the apex of the triangle hangs down your chest. Cross the ends of the triangle in the back of your neck, bring the ends to the fr... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

One of the most popular ways for both men and women to wear a scarf is the Parisian knot. This style can be used with rectangular scarves of any length or thickness. More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

There are many ways to wear a long scarf, depending on the occasion. You can personalize this accessory based on your personal style and preference. More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

To tie a gypsy scarf on your head, lay the scarf out flat, fold it in half to create a triangle, place the scarf on top of your head, and tie the corners of the triangle at the nape of the neck. Knot the ends again, and ... More »

To tie an infinity scarf, fold the scarf lengthwise in half, wrap it around your neck to form a loop, tie the ends into a knot to form a bow, and adjust the bow. This should take only a minute or two. More »

Tie a scarf by folding it in half, looping it around your neck, threading one end through the loop, twisting the loop and threading the other end through the loop. This takes only a few minutes and adds an elegant look t... More »

To tie a scarf a round your neck, lay out the scarf in a diamond shape, and fold the side corners to meet in the middle of the scarf. Fold the sides again, drape the scarf around your neck, form a loop and tie a knot. More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories