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Spot clean the rabbit when necessary. If your rabbit hops into a mud puddle, you might want to help it get clean by doing a little spot cleaning. Luckily you can spot clean your rabbit without using water. This is highly advisable, since many rabbits go into shock when they get wet.


How do you clean a soiled rabbit? Most of the time, the rabbit will take care of all the cleaning itself and you shouldn’t interfere. However, for the safety of your bun there are times when you have to. Every one of us with pet rabbits has probably witnessed runny or soft stool that got...


If there is some dried poop on your rabbit’s bottom trapped, perform a dry wash. This involves rubbing cornstarch into the fur, and brushing out any lingering feces. A particularly messy rabbit’s rear end needs to be cleaned carefully in a sink of warm water and shampoo.


Clean your rabbit's eyes. Watch your rabbit's eyes to keep an eye out for watery eyes or eye discharge. In addition to being a sign of other problems, discharge on your rabbit's cheeks can cause the skin there to become chafed and have the skin peel off.


He also did learn how to properly clean himself and I didn't have to anymore. He wasn't traumatized, he was still a bundle of fun and personality, and didn't revert into a sad little bunny. Category


Then turn the bunny around and apply the powder around the tummy and tail area. The powder will absorb any wet and soiled areas. Use a comb or brush to clean the area and remove any excess powder. If you're using a scented powder, you'll end up with a good-smelling and clean bunny.


NEVER WASH YOUR RABBIT!!! Unless it's necessary, like if your rabbit rolled in mud or in the pool of its piss, which was the case here. I know that she looks clean in this video but she had piss ...


Gather the front of the wash cloth tightly and wrap a hair tie or rubber band around it. This forms the bunny’s face. Wrap ribbon around the hair tie or rubber band to conceal it. Add a cotton bunny tail with a pom pom; Glue on the eyes and nose (I use hot glue) In a matter of minutes you’ve created an ADORABLE wash cloth bunny! More Easter ...


If the bunny is very messy, you may have to change the water and repeat this procedure a few times until the water is clean when bunny is lifted out of the bath. 6. To rinse, fill the sink with slightly warm water again, but no shampoo. Lower bunny's bum into the clear bath and rinse well, laving with your free hand.


How to Clean Urine from Rabbit Fur with a Wet Bath. If your rabbit has urine scalding on the inside of her legs, and her fur is damp and smelly, she would probably benefit from a wet bath. According to Rabbit Welfare, rabbits can be bathed in the following way: Washing your rabbit in the sink is usually the easiest option.