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Fixed weight numbering systems describe the length of thread required to achieve a predetermined weight; fixed length systems provide the weight of thread required to achieve a predetermined length. Finer thread receives a smaller identifier in a fixed weight system and...


Thomas Gage was both a husband and father when he died in 1787, according to Land of the Brave. He was a British military leader and commander in the American Revolution.


General Gage sent troops to Concord to capture and destroy stores of military supplies he heard were stored there. He was ordered to disarm the rebel colonists and apprehend rebel leaders by his superior, Secretary of State William Legge.


To use threaded hooks, install them in a wall or ceiling, and hang items from them. Threaded hooks are available in a range of sizes. The small hooks are suitable for holding up light items such as Christmas tree lights, while larger hooks can support tools and other he...


Determined by the shape formed by the screw's flank and crest, some common types of screw threads include metric, unified, buttress screw, round and trapezoidal. Other important identifying features of a screw thread include its thread form, thread pitch, major diameter...


Coats & Clark manufactures thread for both industrial and craft purposes. Its products hold together everything from garments to surgical wounds to automotive components and shoes. The British-based multinational company has been a pioneer since the 1780s, when it began...


Bolts with left-hand threads are used in applications in which rotating parts may accidentally loosen the bolt and nut holding them together. For instance, left-hand pedals on bicycles must have a left-hand thread to keep them tightened when being turned.