For health and safety reasons, the first thing to consider when getting a body piercing is that it is done by a professional and that the piercing shop or studio has a clean environment. The person doing the piercing sho... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

Nutrient broth consists of peptone and meat extract dissolved in distilled water, according to Bio Lab Protocols. Once the media is mixed, the scientist adjusts the pH to 7.0 and sterilizes the broth using the heat and p... More »

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A dermal or micro-dermal piercing is a piercing made into any flat area of the body, with an anchor placed under the skin that various decorative attachments can be put into. This type of piercing is done to replicate th... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

The price of a nape piercing varies depending on the shop but on average runs around $50. As with any specialty piercing, it is not advisable to sacrifice quality for a cheaper price on a nape piercing. More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

To give yourself a body piercing, sanitize a needle, and then push the needle through the area you wish to pierce in a fast and fluid motion. Once the needle is halfway through, place one end of the jewelry of choice in ... More »