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Find out how to use Moleskin for blisters, broken skin, or to protect any area of your foot from friction. Get Dr. Scholl's Moleskin Plus Padding Roll.


You put the sticky side of the moleskin onto the part of the shoe/boot/etc, which rubs against your skin. The soft side goes up against your skin. That way, you avoid the blisters in the first place. If a blister develops and then you start using moleskin, you'll have to use a bandaid to protect the blister until it goes down.


Fold the moleskin in half, adhesive side down. Use the size of the blister as a reference and cut a semi-circle out of the center of the folded end of the moleskin. If done properly, the result will be a square piece of moleskin with a hole in the center.


How to Use Moleskin for Blisters. Moleskin is a product used by hikers, runners and walkers all over the world. It is soft and cloth-like on one side and adhesive on the other. It is useful for blisters that have not formed, are already formed or have popped open.


Moleskin is available for purchase as a rectangular sheet that can be cut to size to wrap heels, toes or any part of the foot that is irritated or blistered due to shoe friction. Some people use moleskin on the inside of a shoe as a preventive measure instead of placing it on the feet.


We designed Dr. Scholl’s® Moleskin Plus Padding specifically for people who experience painful shoe pressure on multiple areas of their feet. The soft cotton flannel padding protects and cushions any part of the foot and helps prevent blisters. SOFT PADDING FOR ALL-DAY. PAIN RELIEF.


They seem to be the best and the best adhesive). If you've already got a blister, put the band-aid pad on the blister. If you've got a hot spot, cut the adhesive part off the band-aid and put that on the hot spot. Duct tape can also work wonders. Use it before you get blisters, the same way you would use moleskin.


Moleskin is a type of durable bandage made out of cotton that’s often used to protect and prevent blisters. We’ll go over how to use moleskin for existing blisters. We’ll also explain how to ...


I first purchased the 3 pack of Moleskin Pads. I was impressed with how well they stayed on and how much they relieved friction pain after foot surgery. This roll is a great value. It is the same product as the strips, but in a much more economical form. It is very easy to cut the size and shape needed for particular area where friction is a ...