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If you’d like to completely transform your leftover pizza, this recipe for pizza potato cakes from Veg with an Edge is the way to do it. After disassembling the pizza and adding some new ...


Waffle-iron your leftover pizza. If you learn one thing from this post, it's that you need to use a waffle iron more. Grab a slice of pizza and add extra toppings to the upper left hand corner.


1. Coat an 11 x 7-inch baking dish with cooking spray. Spread pizza cubes evenly in baking dish. 2. Mix eggs, milk, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper in bowl, and pour over pizza in baking dish. Use a spatula to press pizza cubes into egg mixture until fully coated. Stir in black olives and cheese.


Transform leftover pizza into a breakfast casserole with the help of eggs, mozzarella cheese, and oregano for a filling main dish.


Leftover Pizza: Ideas and Recipes ... So, you have some leftover pizza. And some leftover chicken. And some leftover broccoli. You, friend, have one heckuva pie in the making, and—bonus!—a ...


Yes, you can reheat leftover pizza in the oven or the toaster oven. But Chef John shows you a better way to bring old, lifeless leftover pizza back to crispy, delicious life!His foolproof stove-top method for reheating leftover pizza results in a perfectly crisp crust on the bottom and tasty melted cheese on top.


All the ideas listed above tell you how to turn a pizza into something else; but maybe you want to enjoy your leftover pizza as, well, a traditional pizza. That’s a fine idea as well! Before re-heating, take some extra toppings you have lying around–peppers, spinach, sausage, BBQ sauce–and add it to your pizza.


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Whenever we get pizza delivered for dinner, we always order a larger one than we’ll be able to eat in one sitting. Why? Simply because we want leftovers. Once we discovered how easy it is to reheat a slice of pizza on the stove, having a few extra slices around means an easy lunch or snack. But what’s the best way to store leftover pizza?


If you ever find yourself with small scraps of dough — the pieces that don’t seem substantial enough to make anything with, yet you don’t want to throw them out — crackers are the answer. This has also become one of my favorite ways to use leftover pizza dough.