Dry shampoo is a starch- or silica-based product that absorbs excess oil from your hair and scalp without the use of water, giving the look and feel of clean hair. It comes in powder or liquid form, as well as an aerosol... More »

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Use a shampoo color cap to tone brassiness out of bleached hair or to freshen up hair color. Mix the dye with an equal amount of shampoo, process and rinse it out. The process takes approximately 40 minutes and requires ... More »

Clean carpets using baby shampoo by mixing one capful of shampoo with a full tank of water. Mix the solution and pour it in the unit’s clean water tank. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning the carpet with t... More »

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Dry shampoo absorbs sebum and other oils into a powder or fast-evaporating liquid that is brushed out or blown away with a hairdryer. Dry shampoos come in both powder and spray-on forms. More »

The best shampoo for a dry scalp is one that will moisturize the skin and not just the hair, but for stubborn flakes, a shampoo with salicylic acid or coal tar as the active ingredient is preferred. Popular brands of dan... More »

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To co-wash your hair, saturate it with water, coat it with moisturizing conditioner, comb your hair, massage the conditioner into your scalp and roots for five minutes, rinse with cool water and style your hair. This 15-... More »

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To wash your hair, detangle it with a comb, wet it with warm water, apply shampoo, and rinse the hair with warm water. Then condition the hair and rinse again with warm water before rinsing with cold water. Dry the hair ... More »