To use an ATM, insert the ATM card into the marked slot and then enter the card's PIN when prompted, opening a menu which can be navigated to withdraw funds, check balances and deposit funds. The process is designed to b... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Banks

The Green Dot company uses the MoneyPass network of ATMs, so first locate a MoneyPass ATM using the website locator, and use your card at the ATM in the same manner as a bank debit card. You can use your Green Dot card a... More »

A RushCard may be used at any ATM, as stated by the official website for the RushCard prepaid Visa. To keep fees in check, RushCard users should use an ATM that is a part of the RushCard Money Pass network. Using an ATM ... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

In order to withdraw money from an ATM, you'll need to insert the ATM card provided by your bank and use your personal identification number (PIN) to access your account. Once you've accessed your account, you can decide... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Banks

Banks keep ATM or electronic funds transfer (ETF) videos for approximately 6 months according to Dynamic Network Factory (DNF), an internet-based surveillance service company. Regulations also influence how long banks ke... More »

In order to view an ATM card balance online, make sure the card is linked through a bank to an online banking account, go to the online banking website and log in using the banking information, click on the correct accou... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Banks

You can make ATM withdrawals with a Green Dot prepaid credit card. First, the card must be activated and the user must choose a four digit pin to use when withdrawing money. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Banks