To use an iPhone for the first time, follow the Setup Assistant directions to connect to the Internet, sign in with an Apple ID, back up the phone with iCloud and turn on recommended features such as Find My iPhone. The ... More » Technology Mobile

To unlock an iPhone, contact the service provider that you bought the phone from and ask them to unlock it; the phone guides you through the rest process when you insert a new SIM card. Customers have to meet certain req... More » Technology Mobile

Apple Support can either be contacted online through the Apple website, called at 1-800-My Apple or located at an Apple store. Apple products come with 90 days of complementary support and a 1-year limited warranty, acco... More » Technology Mobile

None of Apple's accessibility features impede the use of FaceTime on the iPhone, as of 2015. FaceTime is a useful tool for those using Apple's accessibility features, since video calls are perfect for communicating throu... More » Technology Mobile

A refurbished iPhone is a pre-owned iPhone being offered for sale that has undergone Apple’s refurbishment process. All units of any product returned to Apple go through the stringent refurbishment process before being o... More » Technology Mobile

Apple's "Find my iPhone" service offers free tracking for a lost or stolen iPhone. As long as the location-based service is activated through the Settings menu, the owner can log into the connected iCloud account to trac... More » Technology Mobile

Customers can purchase an iPhone 6 for use on Verizon's wireless network directly from Verizon, or from Apple, the manufacturer of the device. Verizon and Apple both offer the iPhone 6 for sale on their websites. Custome... More » Technology Mobile