Early Greek and Roman civilizations used things like stones and logs to make their bridges. Mathematicians in early Greek and Roman civilizations worked out the problem of bridging the gap between land and building bridg... More »

Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of development, design and editing software. Users pay annually or monthly for a subscription to the service including access to the individual programs online. It is an example of a ... More »

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Adobe Bridge, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Creative Suite, is a digital asset management application from Adobe Systems. It provides centralized access to media assets for users who are creating content for ... More »

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Some of the factors that enabled the Roman Empire to expand and become the most powerful force in the Western World during its time were the efficient use of its resources, the ability to construct dependable fortificati... More »

Aqueducts have been used by numerous civilizations, such as the Persians and Egyptians, but no specific structure is designated as the first aqueduct. The Assyrians had one of the first documented aqueducts in the world,... More »

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Rivers were crucial to the survival of early civilizations because they were responsible for providing a source of water, irrigation for good farmland and a way for people to trade with other people through water transpo... More »

Ancient and modern civilizations are similar in that they both have a division of labor, social classes, an administrative system, a written language, architecture and art styles and large population centers, such as cit... More »