Properly using a tanning bed requires limiting the time of exposure, wearing protective eye gear and using a proper tanning lotion. Most salons suggest stripping down completely to get an even, natural-looking tan. More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Tanning

An unsoiled, damp cloth is sufficient for the basic cleaning of a tanning bed. For a more thorough cleaning, pH neutral no-rinse cleaners work best. More »

According to, the use of sunscreen in tanning beds contradicts the whole point of using a tanning bed because it blocks the artificial UV rays that are emitted to create a tan. The artificial UV rays produced b... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Tanning

The most effective way to stop itching from a tanning bed is to apply hot water to the skin, dry it with a soft towel and treat the skin with a medicated anti-itch lotion or peppermint oil. This procedure takes about 15 ... More »

To tan in a tanning bed, remove your clothes, put on tanning lotion, get in the bed, and stay inside for six to 20 minutes, depending on your skin. When finished tanning, apply after-sun lotion to your skin. More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Tanning

To get a dark tan using a tanning bed, tan on a regular schedule and use skin products specifically made for tanning. You should not use baby oil, which damages tanning beds and puts you at risk for burning. More »

A tanning bed should not be used until a new tattoo is completely healed, which takes roughly three months. Once healing is complete, it's still a good idea to take precautions to protect the tattoo and the skin. More »