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To make stencils, open the picture in Microsoft Word, make it black and white, adjust brightness to get the desired effect and then print the stencil. Almost all images can become a stencil using these steps in Word.


Uses for metal stencils include dry embossing of card stock, and engraving using a tool such as the Dremel engraver. The engraver marks glass, polyvinyl chloride, wood, ceramic and metal. Marks provide decoration or identification for the objects.


To begin making your stencil, you will need to select a design or create your own and draw it onto tracing paper. The design is copied onto carbon paper to make it easier to transfer to skin.


A person can use large letter stencils for decorating a wall, according to Royal Design Studio. They can also use them to make personalized signs or banners.


Cutting machines are devices that allow the user to cut various shapes from a variety of materials. The machines are generally used in crafting environments to produce embellishments and rubber stamps and come in both manual and electronic models.


There are several steps in painting a wall using stencils. It is important that homeowners use the proper tools and techniques to make sure the stencil comes out looking clean and neat.


To make a pumpkin stencil, select an image, and open it in a paint program on the computer. Fill in the areas that are not going to be cut out of the pumpkin with white and then remove unwanted parts of the image before printing.