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The sling psychrometer is used to measure relative humidity. This is one of the simpler designs of psychrometers available on the market. It consists of two thermometers, a wet bulb, and a dry bulb. These are attached on to a frame which has a string or light chain in the middle. When in use, you ...


Instructions for using the sling psychrometer AOS 330 Prof. Petty Sling psychrometers are the standard for accurately measuring ambient temperature and humidity. Every meteorologist should know how to use one correctly. 1. Inspect the cotton wick on the sling psychrometer and make sure that it is in good


How to Read a Sling Psychrometer By Corina Fiore; Updated April 24, 2017 . Creative Commons: Arthur Ogawa . A sling psychrometer is an instrument that measures the relative humidity and dew point in an area. A sling psychrometer has two thermometers: a wet bulb and a dry bulb. The wet bulb has a cotton wick over the bulb of the thermometer ...


The sling psychrometer is one such innovative instrument, which helps us measure the levels of humidity in the air. It has a simple design, and is accurate enough to be used for predicting weather patterns. In the following sections, we shall take a closer look at the sling psychrometer, and study its working.


The Sling Psychrometer is an easy and affordable way to measure relative humidity levels quickly and accurately. It is ideal for many applications, including the measurement of conditions within indoor environments, storage areas, laboratories and more.


Sling Psychrometer. Relative humidity can be measured by an instrument called a hygrometer. The simplest hygrometer - a sling psychrometer - consists of two thermometers mounted together with a handle attached on a chain. One thermometer is ordinary. The other has a cloth wick over its bulb and is called a wet-bulb thermometer.


Compared to a sling psychrometer, a digital psychrometer is remarkably easy to use. There's no need to wave the psychrometer around for several minutes before you can make your calculations. It's all automatic at the push of a button. For those who need to use a psychrometer, this takes all the effort out of the task and makes the process a ...


A psychrometer measures the ambient air temperature (dry bulb temperature) and the wet bulb temperature. From these temperature measurements, the percent relative humidity is determined. APPARATUS . 1. Sling psychrometer . PROCEDURE . 1. Before using, take the end cap off the psychrometer and fill the reservoir with water.