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To unlock a computer, use the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys and the logon details of the user that last logged in before attempting to log in normally. Alternatively, shutdown the locked computer, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and log in normally. Also, consider changing the passwo...


The Unlocking Company is a San Diego-based organization that unlocks the software locks most cellphone carriers put on the devices they sell. Once the phone is unlocked, the user is free to change carriers.


An unlocked AT&T wireless phone is a device that can operate on a different wireless carrier network. The company reserves the right not to grant requests for unlock instructions if AT&T deems it necessary.


To unlock an iPod if the code to unlock it has been forgotten, connect the iPod to the primary computer (the computer the device was first synced to), and open iTunes. Then, disconnect the iPod from the computer to unlock it. Additionally, the iPod Updater program can b...


To unlock your iPhone, contact the new carrier you wish to use and request that they unlock your phone for you. Only a new carrier can unlock an iPhone.


Major cellular phone service providers may unlock phones for their customers for free as of 2015. However, some companies may have restrictions on when, how and which phones they unlock for customers.


According to the phone manufacturer, unlocking the Apple iPhone 5 can be accomplished by contacting your cellular service carrier and requesting the carrier unlock the device. In some cases, the carrier may require you to pay a fee pursuant to the terms of your service ...