The unlocking of any mobile phone is required only when moving the device from one carrier's network to another compatible network. Unlocking a mobile device is the process of receiving and entering a special unlock code... More » Technology Mobile

The easiest and least expensive way to unlock a Samsung cell phone is to request a free unlock code from the cell phone provider associated with the phone. If this is not possible, go to a business that offers phone unlo... More » Technology Mobile

The easiest way to unlock a Samsung phone for free is to request an unlock from the cellular service provider associated with the phone. However, many cellular carriers have restrictions on who can unlock phones from the... More »

To unlock a device for free, a mobile phone owner can submit a request to his service provider. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile give individuals the option to unlock their cell phones online. Generally, users should wait until... More »

An unlocked AT&T wireless phone is a device that can operate on a different wireless carrier network. The company reserves the right not to grant requests for unlock instructions if AT&T deems it necessary. More » Technology Mobile

Unlocking an LG cell phone requires entering a network unlock code that can only be legally provided by the phone's cellular service carrier. Many LG cell phone models have a SIM card that also has to be unlocked. SIM ca... More » Technology Mobile

Unlocking a mobile phone allows the user to use that phone with another wireless service provider as long as the technology is compatible. As of 2015, most wireless service providers equip the phones they sell with locki... More » Technology Mobile