To underline text in Microsoft Word, open the file, highlight the text, press CTRL+U, and save. To stop underlining, press CTRL+U again. To remove underlining from text, highlight the underlined text, and press CTRL+U. More » Technology Computers & Hardware Keyboard

To underline text in a word processing program, select the text to be underlined and click the respective "Underline" button in the formatting menu. To select the text, place the cursor at one end of the line of text, cl... More »

Underlining an email address is necessary to draw attention to the email address in the midst of an email. You can either underline the full address or mimic an underline to achieve the same effect. More »

A WPS file is a text document file format that is similar to Microsoft Word's DOC file format. A WPS file is created using the Microsoft Works Word Processor and it does not incorporate macros or advanced formatting opti... More » Technology Software

Microsoft Word allows users to work faster by using keyboard shortcuts rather than the buttons on the interface. Some of the most frequently used shortcuts are Ctrl+X (to cut), Ctrl+C (to copy) and Ctrl+V (to paste). Whi... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Keyboard

To type Spanish accent marks on a PC in Microsoft Word, hold down the CTRL button. Next, press the apostrophe button, then the vowel. More » Technology Computers & Hardware Keyboard

In all Windows versions, the function key F2 is used to rename a highlighted file, folder or icon. F2 can also accomplish several other tasks when used in combination with other keys. More »