To unblock someone's telephone number, contact your telephone service provider, inquire about unblocking procedures and provide the number you would like to unblock. Verizon provides online tools for blocking and unblock... More »

Depending on the service provider, dialing *82 before making a call may unblock a number listed as private. This function allows private telephone numbers to call other numbers with settings that block private callers fr... More »

Disable Caller ID blocking on AT&T U-verse Voice by logging into the user's My AT&T account online, selecting Voice Features under U-verse Voice and selecting Caller ID Blocking in the Outgoing Calls tab. From there, sel... More »

To change your telephone number, contact your telephone company online or over the telephone and request a number change. The exact process and amount of any applicable fees varies between companies. More » Technology Mobile

The procedure for blocking an incoming number depends on the telephone service provider but in general, the person wanting to block a number must activate the call blocking service, if available, and specify the number t... More »

When someone purchases a cell phone from his wireless provider, the phone is almost always considered to be locked. This means that it only works on the wireless provider's network. An unlocked cell phone works on any ne... More »

Star (*) 67 can be dialed on a telephone prior to inputting the desired contact number; this prevents the dialer's number from being seen on the Caller ID by the individual on the receiving end of the phone call. This fe... More »