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It's important to note that most functions of the iPod nano—music, FM radio, pedometer, etc.—stop when you turn the device off. However, if you turn the nano back on less than 5 minutes after turning it off, the nano will remember the music that was playing when you turned it off and will resume there.


How to Turn Off iPod Nano. As long as you're running an iPod nano OS 1.1 or higher (a 6th or 7th generation Nano), you'll be able to easily turn off your iPod nano in just one second. If your iPod nano is older than that, then all you can...


I want to know how to turn off completely an ipod nano 4th gen I hit the play pause button for several seconds and the screen goes off but its not off, because when you turn on any ipod it should show the apple logo as a startup.


You can turn off both the iPod Nano and the iPod Classic the same way. To turn it off you have to push a button on the click wheel of the iPod. You will push and hold the play pause button until the iPod goes off. The play pause button is the one that has the two lines and the triangle side by side. Once you have held them down and the iPod has gone off then there is one more thing you need to do.


Turn on iPod nano Press any button. Turn off iPod nano Press and hold Play/Pause (’). 100 % Succest :)


How to Turn Off Your iPod. This wikiHow teaches you how to power off your iPod touch, nano, classic, or shuffle. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button. It's on the upper-right part of the iPod's housing.


If you do nothing for 15 seconds, the dialog disappears, and VoiceOver is turned Off. You hear an announcement that VoiceOver is off. When you turn on VoiceOver, you use a different set of gestures to control iPod nano. If you change your mind and want to turn off VoiceOver, double-tap with two fingers to move the switch to Off.


How to Pretty Much Turn Off an IPod Nano 1st Gen: I hate it when I run out of battery life on my nano.... this will show you how to end that..... also this is my first instructable.