The only way to treat nail ridges is to buff them out or hide them with nail polish that fills the ridges, according to Vertical ridges are a normal part of aging. More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Vertical or lengthwise ridges in the nail extending from the cuticle to the tip are primarily attributed to aging, but they also can result from trauma or an underlying medical condition, according to MedicineNet. These ... More »

Vertical, or longitudinal, ridges on the nails are normal and do not indicate a health problem. Ridges that run horizontally along the fingernails usually indicate an overall health issue. These lines may be referred to ... More »

Onychorrhexis is the medical diagnosis for brittle fingernails that feature vertical ridges, and the primary cause is unusual dryness within the nail. Other causes include malnutrition, endocrine disorders, skin conditio... More »

The main cause of deep vertical nail ridges is normal aging, states They can also be caused by trauma, and in rare cases, by a systemic medical condition, according to Healthgrades. More »

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