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7 Reasons to Treat Low Ferritin Levels + Step-by-Step Treatment Guide. Ferritin is an indication of the amount of iron in storage in your body. Low ferritin levels are often associated with symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, inability to exercise and even hair loss.


For the treatment for low ferritin levels, or iron-deficiency anemia, dietary change and supplements can sometimes be sufficient, but IV therapy, blood transfusions and injections of iron may be necessary treatments in some cases.


Ferritin helps in regulating the amount of iron that is available to the body, which is why, low ferritin levels are indicative of improper rate of iron absorption, and an increased risk of iron deficiency anemia. Wondering how to treat low ferritin levels? Scroll down to know more on the diagnosis as well as the treatment for low ferritin levels.


One of the biggest reasons to correct your ferritin level is its effect on the thyroid. Many studies have shown that low iron impairs proper thyroid function.. That makes sense when you think about how so many of the symptoms of low iron/ferritin are the same as the symptoms caused by low thyroid - fatigue, hair loss, etc.


Ferritin is a type of protein which helps the body to store iron. Total ferritin in the body is measured by simple blood test. Low ferritin level indicates depleted iron store in the body. It is possible to increase ferritin level by eating iron rich food and supplements.


Is it safe to treat just low ferritin with iron supplement? I am not anemic. My ferritin is 12? - kw123 - have your doctors run a blood test to check whether you are low in anything else other than simply ferretin? One of my gp's only checked my iron levels and a couple of other basic things. It was only when i


Knowing if your ferritin levels are low or normal can help your doctor better determine the cause. For example, a person with anemia will have low blood iron levels and low ferritin levels.


Ferritin is an indicator of how much iron is stored in your body. Low ferritin levels can cause symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, hair loss, and difficulty exercising. The level of ferritin in the blood is a reflection of how much iron storage is in the body. If iron levels begin dropping for whatever r


A ferritin blood test shows how much iron is stored in your body. ... an extra box of pasta or can of beans to have on hand when supplies get low. ... Doctors order a ferritin test if other blood ...


Information about the ferritin blood test used to assist in the diagnosis of diseases associated with elevated or low levels of ferritin in the blood. Diseases affected by decreased or elevated ferritin blood levels include iron deficiency anemia, hemochromatosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and certain cancers.