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They help to prevent bleeding wounds and injuries and allow for proper blood circulation in the body. A normal platelet count ranges from 150,000 to 450,000/mcL, but different health conditions can cause it to increase, affecting your health. At oneHOWTO we'll give you some tips about how to lower platelets to a normal count.


Doctors treat an elevated platelet count, called thrombocytosis, by targeting its root cause. Thrombocytosis can result from a blood or bone marrow disease, which can overproduce and elevate the amount of platelets in the blood, states Mayo Clinic. There are several causes for an elevated platelet count in the blood.


Treatment Reactive thrombocytosis. Treatment for this condition depends on the cause. If you've had significant blood loss from a recent surgery or an injury, your elevated platelet count might resolve on its own. If you have a chronic infection or an inflammatory disease, your platelet count likely will remain high until the condition is under ...


Primary thrombocythemia is a rare blood clotting disorder that causes bone marrow to produce too many platelets. It’s also known as essential thrombocythemia. Bone marrow is the spongelike ...


This condition occurs if another disease, condition, or outside factor causes the platelet count to rise. For example, 35 percent of people who have high platelet counts also have cancer—mostly lung, gastrointestinal, breast, ovarian, and lymphoma. Sometimes a high platelet count is the first sign of cancer.


Secondary thrombocytosis subsides when the underlying process causing the elevated platelet count resolves (treatment of infection, recovery from surgery, etc.). Even though the platelet count is elevated for a short time (or even indefinitely after splenectomy), secondary thrombocytosis does not typically lead to abnormal blood clotting.


Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. Freitag on how to treat high platelet count: There are many different causes for a high platelet count, so it's hard to give a useful answer without context. There are primary and secondary causes of high platelets, including reactions from medications, so it really boils down to ...


Your platelet count could be too high or too low due to several medical conditions. You can try some natural remedies to lower your platelet count. Here are some suggestions. Wondering how to lower platelet count? Try ginseng. Known as energy-boosting supplement in the U.S., ginseng also plays a ...


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How to Decrease Platelets. Platelets are so tiny that they only make up a tiny fraction of total blood volume. The function of platelets is mainly to prevent bleeding by clotting the blood. However, in rare cases, some people develop a...