To build a bird trap, purchase cage wire or mesh, PVC pipes with joints, wire cutters, zip ties, wooden dowels, spacers and a thin metal rod. The trap catches birds using bait and a one-way door. More »

To trap a live chipmunk, place two traps on the path the animal most often takes, bait the traps, let the chipmunk eat from the traps for a few days, then set the traps. Be sure you have placed the traps in a location wh... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Rodents

Birds live in nests which are either located on the ground or in bushes or trees. Some bird species build nests within holes that they burrow in the sides of trees while other birds favor making nests in the tree tops. More »

An easy way to make a homemade hamster cage is to solder holes in a lidded plastic storage bin, and place wire mesh over the holes, fastening the mesh with zip ties. This 90-minute procedure requires a large plastic stor... More » Pets & Animals Pets

Make a bird cage by bending or fixing pieces of mesh wire together and making a door, or fix mesh wire on a wooden frame to make the panels, and then put the panels together. Plan the size of the cage to accommodate food... More »

To build a simple pigeon cage, cut pieces of wood to make the frame and door of the cage, and add fencing wire or mesh wire between the pieces of wood to enclose the cage. Other pre-made options for pigeon cages include ... More » Pets & Animals Pets Pet Birds

Some types of squirrel-proof bird feeders are situated atop long steel poles or encased in mesh material that allows small birds in but keeps squirrels and large birds out. They are available on such websites as Birdfeed... More » Pets & Animals Birds