The first thing a runner needs to do to create a training plan for a half marathon is determine his current running level. Training plans for first-time marathoners entail a much less strenuous schedule than training pla... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Running

To train for a marathon, buy appropriate running shoes and gear. Gain race experience through shorter races and build a base for at least six months. Find a marathon and adhere to a marathon training schedule. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Race Training & Events

Beginners who are able to run three miles per run and log at least 15 miles per week have enough of a base to begin training for a half-marathon. The training schedule should start 17 weeks before the date of the half ma... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Running

Training for a 10K race involves strength training, cross training, stamina challenges and walking workouts. Runners need to go through rigorous training to feel comfortable running a 6.2-mile race. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Running

A half marathon is an exact 13.1 miles or 21 kilometers. It is half the length of the full marathon, which is 26.2 miles or 42 kilometers. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Running

The term neutral runner describes a person's pronation, or how their feet strike the ground while they jog, according to Running Shoes Guru. Runners with this pronation hit the pavement with their heel, then while they r... More »

The winner of the Boston Marathon receives a wreath of olive branches, a trophy and a cash prize, though the exact details of the monetary award may depend on factors such as race division (overall, masters and wheelchai... More »