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7. Wrap & Tie – Scarf Knot. Place the scarf at front of you neck with ends of the scarf upon your shoulders ,cross the two ends with each other and bring them to the front. Tie the both sides into an overhand knot in front of your neck. 8. Ophelia – Way to Tie a Scarf. Take the scarf and twist,fold in half and drape behind your neck.


How to Tie a Scarf Around the Neck. Tying a scarf around your neck can make your outfit look more polished, and it can help keep you warm on a cold day. You can even create a variety of looks depending on how you tie your scarf! Drape...


Roll your scarf diagonally, wrap once around your neck with the ends facing back, loop and tie loosely on one side. Start with a diagonally rolled scarf, each end should be equal length when ...


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Start with the scarf in a triangle; fold the middle section two more times over itself, so you end up with a long, skinny oblong. Place the scarf around your neck. Tie a knot in one end, then pull the other end through that knot. Adjust the knot to the height you want.


If you like wearing scarves around your neck and are looking for different ways to wear them, we have some instructions for you. Scarves not only provide warmth for your neck when it is cold outside, but they are stylish and fashionable too. A scarf is a great way to spruce up just a pair of jeans and t-shirt without a lot of fuss. Follow the steps below to learn how to tie your own neck scarf.


Tie a faux-knot. Wrap your scarf around your neck so that both the tail ends are laying across your chest. Pick up one end of the scarf, and tie a loose knot in the middle of it. Then, slide the other tail end through the center of the knot. The knot can be moved up or down to create a tighter effect on the fabric.


13 Super Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf. 206 ... Take a long scarf and loop it twice around your neck. Tie the ends in a half knot and tuck them up under the scarf loops. 7. Neck Wrap. ... we hope you have been exposed to the latest scenes of mantle ties for women and men. Reply.