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To make a Chinese knot, also called a good luck knot, start with a cross shape, fold the loops over each other, weave the final loop, tighten, repeat all the steps, and adjust the "ears." Making a Chinese knot takes roughly 20 minutes and requires a length of cord, pins...


To tie a basic square knot, cross a rope over itself to form a loop and then wrap one of the ends once around the loop to create what is known as a "throw". Take the end of the rope that was used to create the first throw, and wrap it around the other part of the rope t...


To tie a blood knot, make an X with the tippet and lead lines, wind the tippet around the lead and back around the lead end, wind the lead around the tippet and through the loop, and get the proper grip. Exert even pressure to pull the knot tight.


To tie hair into a knot or bun style, first brush through the hair to remove any snarls and tangles. Gather the hair up in one hand, and arrange it into a ponytail, securing it with an elastic hair tie. As an alternative, Cosmopolitan suggests leaving some space for the...


The strongest terminal knot is the Six Turn San Diego jam, which wraps around both the line and the end of the line. When tying this knot, first thread the line through the hook, and then pull the end roughly ten inches from the hook.


Tie a square knot by taking two ends of a rope and joining them with two overhand knots made on top of each other. A square knot, or reef knot, secures non-vital loads and joins two ropes of the same width together. Make this knot in less than one minute.


Decorative knots have many uses, such as tying fabric for special occasions or serving as accents on other decorative pieces. While there are many different ones to choose from, a braid knot is simple enough to make while still adding a decorative flair. The only tools ...