One of the easiest ways to tie a tie is by using the four-in-hand knot. The four-in-hand knot contains the fewest amount of steps involved compared to other tying options. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

An easy six-step method for tying a bow tie starts with draping the tie around the neck so that one end hangs about 1 inch higher than the other. Take the longer end and cross it over the shorter end. Hold the two ends t... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

Some common ways to tie a necktie include a simple tie, also known as an Oriental tie, Kent knot and Petit Noeud. One of the most popular ties is the "four-in-hand" tie, which is popular because it is easy to tie and has... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

To tie a Pratt knot, stand in front of a mirror, and drape the tie around your neck with the bottom of the tie facing up and the wide end hanging just past your belt. Then, tie and tighten the knot. This process takes ab... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

To tie a tie with the Half Windsor knot, arrange the tie, get the knot ready, and then complete the knot and tighten it. This method is best used with ties of a light to medium thickness. More »

Tie a full Windsor knot by crossing both ends of the tie, folding the wide end up and over the crossed portion twice, threading the wide end through the loop and pulling the knot tight. It takes only a few minutes to acc... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

One of the simplest formal tie knots available, the so-called Oriental or Kent knot, involves five easy steps. Another easy knot with just six steps is the schoolboy knot, also known as the four-in-hand. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing