Several tests can be done to test an electronic ignition coil, including a standard coil test, primary circuit switching test and ignition coil resistance. These tests will test the resistance felt on the ignition coil w... More »

To replace an ignition control module, disconnect the vehicle's battery cables. Locate the module, disconnect wires and remove screws and parts obstructing access, tracking their locations. Remove the old module and inse... More »

To test a coil pack, use an ohm meter to check for continuity, ensuring that the ohm values are accurate. Buy a Chilton?s or Haynes manual to determine the appropriate mega ohms reading on the coil pack, or search for th... More »

Although there are a number of suggested tests for the ignition coil while it is still attached to a car, the only accurate way of testing a coil is on a bench using a multimeter in the resistance setting. The ignition c... More »

You can test an engine coil or ignition coil by performing the bench test, which involves removing the primary and secondary windings, and then checking the correct resistance of the two windings. Another way of testing ... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Engine

A coil pack, also referred to as an ignition coil, is a component in the car's engine that changes current generated by the battery into a high-voltage current used by spark plugs. A typical coil pack transforms the 12 v... More »

A car igniter is a component in the car's engine that is responsible for sending a signal from within the distributor to the ignition coil, making the spark plugs fire. It is also known as the ignition control module. More »