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When something is silver plated, it is covered in a thin layer of silver. Most often, silver plating relates to jewelry, but other items can also be covered in silver.


Over time, silver has a tendency to tarnish due to oxidation. To restore silver plates to their original sparkling glory, this unsightly layer of oxidation can be removed through a fairly simple process that doesn't involve scrubbing or polishing. All that is needed is a chemical polishing "dip," wh


In many cases, diluting a few drops of dish soap in a sink full of warm water is sufficient to clean the tarnish from silver-plated items. After washing, dry the items with a soft cotton cloth. This method works best for objects with a minimal amount of tarnish.


To clean silver-plated items, place them in an aluminum vessel, soak them in boiling water and baking soda, and dry them. This 30-minute procedure requires rubber cleaning gloves, an aluminum vessel, baking soda, a towel, rags, water, a stove, a measuring cup and a cooking pot.


A silver-plating kit allows the application of liquid silver to various household items. When the silver dries, it becomes a hard, uniform coating on the outside of the item.


Scrap silver-plated items by selling them to places that practice the secondary refining of precious metals, such as Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners. Such places first test silver-plated items to determine the purity of the silver, then price the items accordingly.


The value of a silver-plate piece is determined by the condition, pattern, rarity and popularity of the piece, while the actual silver content does not determine the value. The weight of silver on a silver-plate piece is very small. For example, on one silver-plated fork, there is only one or two gr


The best way to test a tea set to check whether or not it is sterling silver is to use nitric acid. This should be applied to a small scratch on the item. If it turns a cloudy gray color, it is sterling silver.


Prices for silver-plated tea sets can vary greatly depending on factors such as size, brand and style. As of 2016, silver dealers such as Replacements, LTD offer silver-plated tea sets that range from a five-piece Hollowware set for about $379 to a six-piece set for over $1,100.


Some tips for cleaning silver-plated items are to be cautious when scrubbing silver with abrasive substances, such as baking soda or toothpaste, as they can damage the silver, and to be patient while cleaning and polishing the silver to achieve the best results. Ketchup, corn starch, hand sanitizer,